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A knot tied around a finger or wrist symbolizes remembrance, commitment, promises, and fate in many cultures, as do forget-me-not flowers. This ring combines elements of both, and is a perfect reminder of our connections to each other, be it friends, family, or romantic partners, as well as our commitments to ourselves.


A simple, yet powerful gift to yourself, or to an important person in your life.


Made from sterling silver or gold, each ring is made by hand in my home shop.  


Rings can be sized! 


- Please inform us if your purchase is going directly to a gift recipient and we will include a gift receipt (without pricing info).


I am a GIA-certified jeweler with thorough knowledge of the industry’s best practices, and I take great pride in my work. So you can be confident that any jewelry you purchase from me is made to last.

I personally design and cast all the jewelry you see in my shop. You can watch my entire creative process, influence my upcoming designs, and learn more about my work on Twitch at

Forget Me Knot, flower ring