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Why Task Reminder Systems?

Do you have trouble remembering all of the things you need to do in your care routine? I've been through it too. That's why I created these adorable task reminder charms! Simply attach a charm to your bracelet, necklace, keychain, or any place that will remind you about your daily task. The charms are a fun way to help you get things done every day! Not only will they help you remember - but they'll also look super cute doing it!

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Meet Kelly

Hi! I’m Kelly. I am the designer behind Flowerette Jewelers, the creator of adorable charms to help you remember. Our mission is to create products that help people manage their executive dysfunction while also looking cute as heck. I believe that cute things can be helpful, too!

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Why Flowerette Jewelers?


Independence with style

Finding strategies that work for you is personal and yet universal. Not everything works for everyone, but adding some whimsical and serotonin-producing reminders could work for you!


Quality Production

Every piece of jewelry we make is tested and refined to give you jewelry that is designed to last. That's why our materials and craftsmanship go through a series of tests so that you can feel confident wearing your creation!

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